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Pictured Rocks of Munising, Michigan
Welcome to Sunset Motel on the Bay & Vacation Home and our Pictured Rocks information. Along with staying along side Munising Bay and Lake Superior with extraordinary views of the Pictured Rocks area, you will be within minutes from enjoying...

"Michigan's #1 Adventure Destination"—Good Morning America

Pictured Rocks Indian Head
The Pictured Rocks
The Pictured Rocks are comprised of various formations that create a wall of sandstone cliffs.  They run for 15 miles along the Lake Superior shoreline and climb to heights of 200 feet above the Lake Superior water-table. Minerals seep out of the sandstone fractures and create the world renown imagery and "pictures" within the rocks.

Indian Head

Pictured Rocks Indian Head formation is probably the most recognized of all.  Overlooking Lake Superior, Indian Head proudly looks into the sunset as tours, kayaks and onlooker enjoy the view.  The profile of this cliff clearly resembles a Native American with the headdress made of the pines and trees along the top.

Miners Castle
Miner's Castle

A view of Miner's Castle from a boat will show you just how much it resembles a castle.  Truly amazing, this formation can also be easily viewed in the National Park where there are viewing platforms for your pleasure.

Wind, rain, minerals, and snow have all helped Mother Nature create these incredible formations. Miners Castle is located 6 1/2 miles east of Munising on Alger County Road H58. 

Grand Portal Arch
Grand Portal
The Grand Portal is a well known point of interest found within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It has gone through many transformations since its first collapse in 1900. Because of its grandeur, the Grand Portal can be seen for miles.

Stunning colors occur when groundwater oozes out of cracks and trickles down the rock face.  Iron, copper, manganese, and limonite are among the most common color-producing minerals.

Lovers Leap
Lover's Leap / Petit Portal
Lover's Leap is an imposing arch of rock that extends from the shoreline out to an outcropping located directly in Lake Superior. Lore has it that a couple displayed their love for one another by jumping off the top of this rock arch together.  This can be enjoyed easiest by boat.

Many areas within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore are easily accessible by vehicle or short hiking trails. While enjoying these scenic sites, take time to enjoy the forests, wildlife, and lakes too.

Mosquito Falls and Chapel Rock
Chapel Rock
Chapel Rock is one of the most unique formations along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  This area was named, "La Chappelle" by early European explorers.  Chapel Rock is a remnant of sandstone from the Cambrian age.  The archway between the mainland and the rock fell in the 1940s.  The tree living on Chapel Rock exists by means of its roots crossing back over to the mainland for nourishment.

All Pictured Rocks National Park & Munising Bay Points of Interest

  • Indian Head
  • Munising Falls
  • Sand Point
  • Miners Castle
  • Miners River
  • Miners Falls
  • Grand Portal Point
  • Mosquito Falls
  • Mosquito River
  • Chapel Rock
  • Chapel Falls
  • Battleship Rock
  • Beaver Basin Wilderness
  • Twelve-mile Beach
  • Shipwrecks
  • White Birch Forest
  • Au Sable Light
  • Log Slide
  • Grand Sable Dunes
  • Grand Sable Lake
  • Sable Falls