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"Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the View!"

Grand Island National Recreational Area of Munising, Michigan

Sunset Motel on the Bay & Vacation Homes in Munising, MI is located within 10 minutes of Grand Island.  This island is part of the National Recreational Area that lies within the US Forest Service.  It is also part of the Hiawatha National Forest.  It consists of 13,500 acres and has 35 miles of shoreline.  Grand Island is the perfect place to spend a day biking and hiking. Breathtaking view, sandy beaches, cultural sites, deep hard woods, and inland lakes make it a unique and secluded destination.

Grand Island's earliest residents were the Ojibwa & Chippewa people, with artifacts dating as far back as 3,300 years. Grand Island was known to the Native Chippewa as "Kitchi Miniss", meaning "great island."

Grand Island HistoryGrand Island Experience
Opened during the summer months, the Grand Island National Recreational Area offers a tourist ferry and tour bus for visitors.  The ferry takes guests across the 1 mile journey from the dock on M-28 (past Holiday Inn Express when traveling West on 28), to William's Landing on Grand Island. 

The Grand Island Bus Tour is a relaxing way to see a large portion of the Island without pedaling or hiking long distances. Frequent stops let guests stretch their legs and walk to nearby spots of historic importance. Here our guide is talking about some of the historical buildings on island.

Tour Highlights: 

  • Begins with introducing the island
  • Trout Bay Boat
  • Evolution of a Structure - History of a Frontier Cabin
  • Historical Buildings
  • United State's Largest Social Lake - Created by beavers
  • Unnamed Waterfall
  • A Tranquil Walk - This peaceful trail leads you through tall pines, birch, and maples to the Grand Islands Cemetery, the oldest "white" (non-native) cemetery in Alger County.
  • Historical Cemetery - Est by Abraham Williams, the first white settler of Alger county.  He built a trading post on Grand Island at the invitation of Ojibwa Chief, Omonomonee.
  • Shipwreck Stories
  • Native American Tales
  • Mysteries

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